**We understand this is a frustating senario so please keep in mind you will be dealing with the owners and we will deal with you the same way you deal with us.**

**Ever since COVID we are dealing with quality control issues the same as ever other business.  We are at the mercy of the manufacturers for them to produce high quality products.**

**We have been in business for over 40 years and at any given time we have over 2000 vehicles under warranty, unfortunately warranties are part of it.**


  • You must have a copy of your invoice/warranty paperwork-            NO TICKET= NO WARRANTY
  • We will only speak with one person PER vehicle-we ask you designate one person that we can speak to regarding technical issues
  • For those with 50,000 mile warranties must show proof of regular maintenance performed at 30,000 miles, NO FLUSHES - Pan drops ONLY by a qualified automotive shop(NO QUICK LUBE SHOPS) or by us
  • We need to be made aware of any major repairs made to your vehicle IF done AFTER we installed your transmission (Engine Replacements, etc)
  • Water contamination voids your warranty-regardless of why
  • The abuse/neglect clause of your warranty is defined by: ABUSE: towing heavy loads with a half ton truck;NEGLECT: knowing you have an issue but fail to notify us in a timely manner 
  • Incorrect towing(not a pro wrecker service) of your vehicle can cause your warranty to be voided(i.e.rope or chain)
  • The appearance of your vehicle can be deceiving(i.e.w/trucks:6-lugs on your wheels means you have a 1/2 ton truck; 8-lugs = 3/4-1 ton)
  • Many variables can cause transmission malfunction due to the fact that most transmissions are electronic shift-meaning that engine issues, ABS issues, computer issues or battery issues can cause the transmission to malfunction without it being a transmission issue
  • FOR TRUCKS: drivelines can cause transmission issues(i.e.bad u-joints or unbalanced driveshaft) or vibrations that can damage your transmission,motor and everything underneath your vehicle
  • If your transmission/transfer case is under warranty with us after market additives are excluded(i.e.stop leak or slip fix).DO NOT USE!!!
  • If your vehicle is out of reach to tow in and under warranty: get yourself safe and then get your vehicle off the road.  Once that has happened please call the shop for the next step.
  • Your vehicle must be safe to drive!  Meaning it has to have plenty of gas in it, the brakes must be safe and the windshield wipers must be operating normally.  JUST BECAUSE IT'S SAFE TO YOU DOES NOT MEAN IT'S SAFE TO US!!
  • Your odometer must be in working order during the duration of your warranty.  Should your odometer stop working during your warranty period it will automatically default to a 2 years or unlimited mile warranty from the intial start date of your warranty.
  • Mentioning calling an attorney- this rarely happens but just in case we wanted to put the procedure out there:being in business for over 40 years we have an attorney on retainer so when a customers threatens that we take it very seriously and we turn it over to our attorney.  Making these threats will not make us do our job any better or faster.  Via the advice of our attorney we will step back and let the legal process go forth.  The customer will have to follow through with the threat so please choose you words carefully and be prepared retain legal counsel.


***The initial tow is free; that does not carry into your warranty.  It is the customers responsibility to get their vehicle to our shop if it is during their warranty period.***


Please contact us for further information.

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